We believe a healthy relationship with God and one another is key to community building and transformation.  St. Luke AME Church provides an environment where people can discover and develop their gifts and passions.

Our Mission

St. Luke AME Church is a multi-generational community of faith that empowers it members to help one another and the community at large through Word and service.  Our Social Service / Soup Kitchen Ministry is one of two soup kitchens that serves the East Chicago area.  Our motto is:

Praising God

Empowering Our Members

Serving The Community

Our History

St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal [AME]Church was organized in June 1916, by Presiding Elder Wickes of the Northern Chicago District of the AME Church at 3803 Catalpa Street, East Chicago, Indiana.  The Reverend Daniel Minor was appointed Pastor and the name St. Luke was chosen as the churches name.  With the Great Depression in the 1930’s and the onset of redevelopment in later years, St. Luke has made several moves.  We came to our current location in the late seventies.  St. Luke has a rich history of social justice, economic development, fiscal responsibility, and community outreach made possible through the leadership of the Reverends: Jacob Blake, D. Bendenbaugh, Excell Abram, and Jeremiah Wilson.  All the appointed Pastors and the congregation have worked together to keep the work and legacy alive.  Pastors of St. Luke:


Daniel Minor
H. Stanton
D. Butler
S. Johnson
T.J. Handy
E. Gant
C.P. Smith
C. S. Spears
G. E. Evans
W. Jenkins [youth ministry]
J. S. Blake [social justice]
D. R. Bedenbaugh [economic development]

Paul Culpepper
Excell Abram [breakfast ministry/mortgage burning]
Ronald Chambers
MacArthur Pendleton
Jeremiah Wilson [free summer lunch/food pantry]
Leoma Leigh-Williams [1st female pastor]
Micheal Smith
Gwendolyn Sanders [current Pastor]